The Eden Alternative is Now Accepting Applications for a New President and CEO



This position is virtual. Work location is anywhere in the contiguous US.

The Eden Alternative Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the position of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Eden Alternative is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on creating a world that celebrates aging and human potential. Dedicated to creating quality of life for elders and their care partners, wherever they may live, we offer person-directed education and consultation services designed to create revolutionary shifts in the culture of care. From the nursing home to the neighborhood street, The Eden Alternative provides a flexible framework for personal and organizational transformation that honors each individual and supports empowerment, growth, and purpose.

In a culture that typically views aging as a period of decline, the Eden Alternative philosophy asserts that no matter how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about continuing to grow.  Building on this new paradigm, it affirms that care is not a one-way street, but rather a collaborative partnership. All caregivers and care receivers are described as “care partners,” each an active participant in the balance of giving and receiving.  Together, care partner teams strive to enhance well-being by eliminating the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

The Eden Alternative is a deeply values-driven organization dedicated to creating a world that celebrates aging, living with different abilities, and the fullness of human potential.

We are seeking an inspirational leader who is committed to The Eden Alternative principles to guide the organization in its effort to create widespread transformational change to promote well-being. In recent discussions with stakeholders worldwide, The Eden Alternative Board
recognizes the importance of hiring a leader who embraces their role in shepherding the organization in relentless pursuit of its mission and principles.

The President and CEO of The Eden Alternative provides strategic and operational leadership to grow the organization in a healthy way that is consistent with our core values. The overall focus of the President and CEO's role involves:

  1. Taking the lead in shaping and executing The Eden Alternative's strategic plan.
  2. Ensuring that the strategic plan aligns consistently with the organization's mission and vision and speaks to a broad and diverse audience.
  3. Guiding development of the organization's education and communications initiatives, which are grounded in the Eden Alternative Ten Principles and Domains of Well-BeingĀ®
  4. Engaging innovative approaches for growing our audience and maximizing our impact on the experience of aging.
  5. Growing and maintaining the financial strength and long-term viability of the organization.
  6. Supporting a robust approach to engaging communities worldwide in embracing The Eden Alternative's Membership model.
Reports to:

Chair of the Board of Directors

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Posting is OPEN until filled. 
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