Winds of Change

Concurrent Session Handouts 

In an effort to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that results from printing session handouts, we have decided to post them here so that you may access what you need. Please note these will not be available to you in printed form at the conference.

Following are links to handouts which we have received from our conference guides. These are listed by session number and then session name.  Not all guides provide handouts or authorize us to post them. Please check back periodically, as we anticipate posting additional handouts.

Please Note: Some of these handouts are fairly large.  You may want to download the file first.

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A1 - What's New in Dementia Research and Care View Handout

A4 - Navigating your Course - The Artifacts of Culture Change View Handout

A5 - Less is More - Polypharmacy and Frail Elders - A Guide to Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing View Handout

A6 - Well-Being is a Rainbow Flag - Putting well-being back into the lives of LGBT Elders through Person-Directed Practices View Handout

A7 - Our Story of Sustaining Culture Change - 12 Years and Still Going Strong View Handout

A9 - Missing the Target on Wellness - Who Controls Your Conflict Thermostat? View Handout

A10 - Using Person-Centered Care to Engage Staff View Handout

B1 - The Dialogue Project - Expanding Possibilities of Living Well with Dementia View Handout

B2 - The Chrysalis Room - Transforming the End-of-Life Experience View Handout

B3 - Build This, Not That -Lessons Learned from a Decade of Green House Home Experience View Handout

B7 - From Tundra to Table - A Great Alaskan Collaboration of the Inupiat Elders with Government Agencies to Support Nutrition and Tradition View Handout

B8 - Tools to Track Resident Preferences and Activities to Drive Quality Improvement Across Settings View Handout

B9 - Health Care Reform and Person-Centered Care Are our Elders Getting the Rehabilitation Services They Need View Handout

B10 - Live Well - Creating a Culture of Wellness View Handout

B12 - Where are the Winds of Culture Change Blowing Us-Stopping to Gather our Bearings View Handout

C1 - Moving a Dementia Program Through Culture Change and into the Future View Handout

C6 - Compassionate Touch - A Practical Non-Pharmacological Tool that Eases Distress in Persons Living with Dementia View Handout

C7- Re-Empowering Staff Direct Care Employees TELL Their Story View Handout

C9 - Inside the Black Box of Green House Homes - The Impact of Decision Making to Reinforce or Erode Culture Change View Handout

C10 - Household Staffing Structure - Enhancing Resident-Directed Care with Interdisciplinary Staffing in a Fiscally Feasible Manner View Handout

D1 - The Dance of Belonging - Finding Meaningful Avenues of Expression for Persons Living with Dementia View Handout

D5 - Living Life Fully with Dementia - Embracing the Winds of Change From Sea to Shining Sea View Handout

D7 - Neighborhood Time - Embracing Leisure with a New Approach and a World of Possibilities View Handout

D8 - Failure Free How To's on Initiating and Sustaining Your Culture Change Journey View Handout

D9 - Stirring Up the Wind - Get Motivated and Get Started on Your Culture Change Journey without Breaking the Budget View Handout

D11 - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Homemakers View Handout

D12 - Busy Doing Nothing - How to Foster Purpose and Meaning for Seniors in Long-Term Care View Handout

E1 - Implementing Dementia Capable Person-Centered Programs Utilizing a Planned Organizational Change Process View Handout

E3 - Translating Our Professional Experiences of Death into Meaningful Service to Elders (Wherever They Choose to Live and Die!) View Handout

E8 - Planning and Implementing Organizational Change - What Does it Look Like and How Does it Work View Handout

E9 - Lessons Learned in Developing a Shoestring-Budget Household Model of Nursing Home Care for Individuals with Dementia View Handout

E12 - Measuring Your Culture Change Journey through Certification View Handout

E13 - Care Plans That Support Living H.O. View Handout

F1 - Using a Golden Compass to Navigate Toward Excellence in Assisted Living Memory Care View Handout

F3 - Family Matters- Creating Person-Centered Care Partners View Handout

F5 - Emotional Memory as a Pathway to Connection and Meaningful Experiences for People Living with Dementia View Handout

F8 - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Knowing the Real Person, Including the Quirks and Challenges View Handout

F12 - A Pioneer in Culture Change - Providence Mt. St. Vincent 25 Windy Years Later View Handout

G1 - Palliative Care for Persons Living With Advanced Dementia - Why Comfort Matters View Handout

G2 - Not Just a Garden - Integration of Architecture & Site Design to Enhance Memory Support View Handout

G4 - Facing Risk - Care Planning for Resident Choice and Self-Determination View Handout

G5 - Therapy's Role in Dementia Care - Lose the Silos and Collaborate for the Well Being of Elders and Care Partners View Handout

G8 - Leadership Model Assists In The Culture Change Journey View Handout

G9 - Technology - A Key to involving Interdisciplinary Staff in Quality Elder Engagement View Handout

G10 - Driving Employee Engagement and Organizational Effectiveness Through Self-Directed Neighborhood Teams View Handout

G11 - The Electronic Health Record - Friend or Foe in Navigating Person-Centered Care View Handout

G12 - Approaching End of Life across the Continuum of Care View Handout