Concurrent Session Handouts 

In an effort to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that results from printing session handouts, we have decided to post them here so that you may access what you need. Please note these will not be available to you in printed form at the conference.

Following are links to handouts which we have received from our conference guides. These are listed by session number and then session name.  Not all guides provide handouts or authorize us to post them. Please check back periodically, as we anticipate posting additional handouts.

Please Note: Some of these handouts are fairly large.  You may want to download the file first.

All of the handouts are in PDF format. If you have a problem opening one in Acrobat, you may need a more recent version of Acrobat viewer. You can click here to download the latest version.


A1 - Honoring Individuality Care Planning Beyond the Care Conference - Burlew.Hyde View Handout

A2 - An Alzheimers or Memory Cafe in Every Community - Soltzberg View Handout

A12 - Come Join the Dance-Bringing Dance Programs to Older Adults & Peope with Dementia - Newman-Bluestein View Handout

B2 - Uncovering Shared Doing - Collaborative Approaches to Promote Meaningful Engagement - du Toit.Raber.pdf View Handout

B3 - Resident Choice - Embracing the Revised Conditions of Participation for Nursing Homes - Anderson View Handout

B4 - Recruiting Employees that Share Your Pioneer Values - Misiorski.Ortigara View Handout

B6 - For the Love of Art - A Person Directed Living Approach to Meaningful Engagement - Clark View Handout

B8 - Case Management - Nelson-Eisinger.Valvo View Handout

B11 - The Dining Experience - Its More Than Just the Food Travel the World - Cooper.Pinsker View Handout

C1 - Intentional Design for Memory Care - Supporting Residents and Their Communities - Montgomery.Pettis View Handout

C3 - Doing Well by Doing Good - Robinson.Scacciaferro.Wiegand View Handout

C6 - Occupancy Satusfaction and Care - How Life-Enrichment Can Help Your Community Achieve All Three - Winningham.McMahon View Handout

C7 - Creating Super Volunteers - Expanding the Roel of Volunteers in Long-Term Care - Falkowski View Handout

C8 - Innovative Career Development for the Future of Workplace Development - White View Handout

C9 - Diversity and Inclusion - The Perfect Mix for a Person-Centered Recreation Program - Brenner.Crichton View Handout

C10 - Keep Calm and Carry On - Learning to Thrive in Challenging Times - Shell View Handout

C11 - The Impact of Storytelling in Dementia Care - A Case Study in Opportunities and Challenges - Brat.Cooke View Handout

D1 - Positive Interactions in the Workplace...for Healthier and Happier Work Teams - Nissenboim View Handout

D6 - Quality Dining and Cost Effectiveness in a Household Environment -Goldone View Handout

D7 - Aging with Dignity - Starring My Mother and Me - Dressander View Handout

D12 - Engagement and Hope - Innovatice Memory Care Programming and Training - Theurer.DuVall View Handout

E2 - Connecting the Dots Through Consumer Engagement - Beck.McRae View Handout

E4- The Ripple Effect of Dementia and Pain - What the Leadership Team Needs to Know - Forrest View Handout

E7 - Graying of the Rainbow- Best Practices for Creating Safety and Inclusion for LGBT Residents. - Larson View Handout

E10 - Peer enabled Dementia Care - Using Group Problem Solving - du Toit.Chan.Weaver View Handout

E11 - Micro-learning - Little Message with a Big Impact - Barsness View Handout